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Come be a part of the magic! 
We send

to medically complex consumers on behalf of your authentic brand.


Sponsorships available!

How It Works
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What comes in the mail these days?

Scary stuff!  Like the bills, EOBs and collection notices that come continuously for those who live with a long-term illness.

Imagine if they found cards of love, hope + strength, bearing your company logo, instead!
Join our mission and shine as
 a brand that cares!

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The Impact

Stressed Woman

"Thank you for the cards. Just reading those beautiful messages from strangers and the thought behind it really helped me! Thank you for this beautiful organization to help those who are at home not feel so alone!”

Jennifer, VA

Confident Woman

"Not sure where to begin... You ALL have helped me immensely!! The cards showed up EXACTLY when they have been needed the most! Please know that I am forever grateful for your kind words, love and support.”

Heather, MI

Portrait of a Woman

"Thank you so much for the card. It means more than you could know. I've just been coming out of a bad depressive episode and it brightened a dark day.”

Kim W, Canada

Sponsorship is Simple

Schedule a call so we can determine the best fit.

Choose your sponsorship level.

We take care of the rest!

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People will long forget what you said or did… but they will never forget how you made them FEEL.

— Maya Angelou 

Have you been searching for tangible ways that your company can show support for those in the ill and disabled community? Are you seeking to STAND OUT as an authentically inclusive brand? We can help!


Every month, we send thousands of sponsored greeting cards to medically fragile consumers so that they feel LOVED… making YOUR brand their hero!

Join Our Mission Partners

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